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Studio Figura’s body wraps are the perfect way to tone and tighten stubborn areas in your body. Our body wraps come in 2 kinds: an anti-cellulite wrap or a slimming contour wrap. With its inherent flexibility and stretch, our body wraps suit every body shape and size.

Our body wrap treatments are 30mins in duration, and a light pressure massage is performed to encourage blood flow and the elimination of toxins in the tissues.

The versatility of our body wraps are perfect for a quick toning and cellulite reduction before a special occasion or can be performed in a set of 3 wraps carried out over a 7 day period.

As with all Studio Figura treatments, we augment our body wraps with personally curated home care products to keep your body detoxifying thereby generating the best results.

You will need to bring the following with you for your treatment:

  • A clean set of socks and training leggings.

  • Purified water (bottled spring water) – In a sip bottle is much easier than in a glass.