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How your body changes after pregnancy

When you feel ready to exercise, it’s very important not to overdo it. Even if you’re feeling great after having your baby, your body will have gone through significant changes and needs time to recover.

Labour and birth can cause physical problems including back pain and a leaky bladder, both of which can be made worse by vigorous exercise. Pregnancy hormones can affect your joints and ligaments for up to 6 months after birth, putting you at a higher risk of injury.
Your abdominal muscles may have separated during the pregnancy. They usually go back to normal after birth, but sometimes they can stay separated. You will need to do exercises to strengthen these muscles to avoid back pain and injury.

Your pelvic floor – the muscles and ligaments that support the bladder, uterus, and bowel – can be weakened after pregnancy, especially if you had a large baby or pushed for a long time.
Regular exercises will help to strengthen your pelvic floor. But it would help if you took care not to do more damage by exercising too vigorously too soon. Be careful of using heavy weights or doing high-impact exercise, as this can increase your chance of prolapse (when an organ, such as the uterus, drops down).

How quickly you return to exercise depends on how fit you were before you had the baby, and what happened during the labour.
After nine months of watching your body change and expand as it supported your unborn baby’s growth and development, it may seem an impossible dream to ever have your body back to its pre-pregnancy weight and shape.

If you didn’t regularly exercise before you were pregnant, you may find it challenging to find the time to slot another thing into your day, Still, the best way to get your body back to its pre-pregnancy shape is by doing a little exercise regularly – you’ll start to see the results of your work surprisingly quickly if you stick to a routine.
You can incorporate exercise into your day and if you don’t have a babysitter, that’s fine because kids are welcome in our studio.

All these exercises are aimed at strengthening your core, flattening your tummy, and building up stamina — bringing you closer to the body you had before having your baby. It may sound not very easy, but taking the first step is crucial for something like this. Remember to always consult your doctor before starting to exercise!