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Detox - Total Body Cleanse

Our 6 Week Total Body Cleanse resets and detoxifies the whole body and is the next step in helping kick-start your health goals. One of the most essential parts of the human body is the gut, and the role gut microbiomes play in our health is often undervalued.

The Total Body Cleanse brings you right back on track and to an optimal level of physical and mental health. If you have recently been unwell or suffer from chronic health conditions, the total body cleanse will rejuvenate and will make you feel at your best.

The program can be repeated, and is often recommended, to treat the root cause of your health conditions.


Detox Stages

Stage 1: Remove – This stage treats the digestive system first and foremost and acts to remove harmful bacteria and waste from your digestive system.


Stage 2: Renew – This stage focuses on your digestive system and kidneys, while working on alkalizing your body. In this stage, you will be renewing and rebuilding your digestive lining, as well as replacing the harmful bacteria with healthy ones to improve your digestive function.


Stage 3: Release – The final stage focuses on supporting your liver and helping your body release toxins more effectively.


The 6 Week Total Body Detox is an individualized program and results may vary throughout each stage. The program is generally completed in a minimum of 6 weeks.

However, the timing of each step may vary depending on the overall health status and symptoms of the individual.